"I won't eat anything but
 Fort Atkinson Hay!"

Fort Atkinson Hay

Carl Shirk Owner/Auctioneer ē Ft. Atkinson, IA
Address:  PO Box 204 ē Fort Atkinson, Iowa  52144
Phone: 563/534-7513  Email: 

Jim Humpal----Yard Foreman          Bob Busch---Office/Bookkeeping



Auction Location:

  202 4th St. NW 

 Ft. Atkinson, Iowa

aerial photo Fort Atkinson Hay
Aerial Photo of Fort Atkinson Hay

We buy and sell Western

and Midwest hay privately in any size lot.

Open 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

 Every Wednesday
at 1:00 pm


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Consigned for 3/1/2017

updated: 2/22/2017
Here or consigned: semi-loads-  
  smaller loads up to 5th wheel loads of all kinds of hay & straw:
We have customers asking for good quality bedding & dairy quality hay.

     If you need hay hauled in or out, call Bill Headington  @563-380-1520               For longer distance hauling or out-of-state trucking in, call Scott Siemons,        641-257-7038

 We are your full-time hay auction service, open Monday-Friday, with loaders to load & unload your hay & straw.  
Please call with your consignment by Tuesday morning to be advertised on this website.


Hay Auction Results

Auction February 22, 2017        60 consignors sold 84 loads to 38 buyers

Description $ per ton # of loads sold
1st Crop Small Squares $90.00 1
2nd Crop Small Squares $60.00-195.00 4
3rd Crop Small Squares $85.00-155.00 2
4th Crop Small Squares $  
Grass Small Squares $50.00 1
1st Crop Big Squares $45.00-80.00 6
2nd Crop Big Squares $50.00-125.00 5
3rd Crop Big Squares $45.00-60.00 3
4th Crop Big Squares $85.00 1
New Seeding Big Squares $  
1st Crop Rounds $10.00-110.00 25
2nd Crop Rounds $35.00-105.00 13
3rd Crop Rounds $30.00-140.00 7
4th Crop Rounds $  
Grass Rounds $45.00-60.00 6
New Seeding Rounds $  
Oats Hay Rounds $  
Straw Small Squares $140.00 1
Straw Big Squares $75.00-115.00 4
Straw Rounds $  
Corn Stalk Rounds $20.00-25.00 2
Corn Stalk Small Squares $60.00 1
 Hay and straw auction every Wednesday @ 1:00  
on  the  Fort Atkinson Hay Auction grounds, Fort Atkinson, Iowa
What a day!!!  Who would believe temps like this in February!  Lots of people came to the sale today but in the end, the sale prices didnít change much this week.  The best quality jumped high but we still had some of the very poor quality so the range of prices is very wide!!  Corn stalks donít have much demand going while straw is good property to sell.
$10-60 $60-85 $80-140 $155-195

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